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Badrinath Ki Dulhania Movie Review: Do you watch it? Yes. For the point it makes. For Alia, who sparkles as a no nonsense, all business beauty. For Varun, who makes all the effort come together in the end.



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Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania was never a film of triumph. It was a rehashed idea, done well but not something worth making a big deal of. But the film catapulted Shashank Khaitan into a league of A-line filmmakers. The success was emboldening as the filmmaker has ended up making a fine film this time. Not a novel idea, could be passed off as run on the mill but nevertheless a film that can’t be missed. Varun returns as Badrinath Bansal, irreversible, irreverent and every shade of wrong. He is a male chauvinist and his heroine is a firecracker who feels claustrophobic to be a part of the world that labels women like her. Badri is a male chauvinist because his upbringing has never taught him better. He is raised by men who treat women poorly and have never seen women who can hold their ground till Vaidehi comes his way. Love is too little and shallow for her. Having had her heart broken in the past, she knows the value of freedom. The passport to that is her career. The inspired plot allows her to be a woman who is driven as opposed to a man who doesn’t see the point of his career. Khaitan this time walks a tightrope, presenting a pertinent issue with the right heart and deftness, never overstepping the mark to make a lecture of it. Usually the potent tool of humor to his advantage, he whips up a tale of emotional grit. Of course, that’s the most we expect from a regular song and dance dharma film but at least this one is devised with the right attitude and motive.
Taking on the issues of dowry prevalent in many states in India, there is a wedding and a romance at the heart of it. Varun’s maturity sets the screen ablaze. He is rightly cocky, wicked, affable but his male ego is right next to him. So what happens when he has his heart set on a woman who knows her own. He is zapped and torn. There is a brilliant, almost heartbreaking scene of him breaking down on a beach which is stirring. Who said Hindi films are incapable of making fun films which make sense? Khaitan goes on to prove there is a lot to experiment in the genre. He sets his wits in place to whip up a fantastic female character who matches the might of her man with her smarts. She reasons and doesn’t fear his rage, dousing it with her own reasons. The beauty of this film lies in its writing and cast. 
Alia plays an extension of herself in 2 States, re-creating her dowry scene with finesse. But eventually, it is Varun who has the challenging work to do, be an endearing douche. Feminists can loathe him but believe me, he is winsome in his act. Not saccharine sweet but adequately funny and heartwarming. There is a reason he is the country’s most bankable star. His choice of roles bears testimony to it but this one is another feather on his cap.
The dialogues are spunky, Khaitan keeps the dialoguebaazi fast and frequent, lacing the colloquial words with modern thinking. In this department, Alia gets the better deal. She is a hoot, insulting her suitor but never overstepping the mark. In the second half, the film loses its tempo, caused by an absurd change of heart in Badrinath. Don’t ask how! We aren’t told any of it. Just believe it, that’s a dharma film bro. There is a flaky groom choosing scene which was an epic misfit in a real set up. The gyaan a little later in the day eventually, probably because Khaitan didn’t know know how better to wrap up his masterpiece. 
There are several humorous moments between the sturdy supporting actors which salvage the odds. Varun gets a standout one when he buyskamino (kimono) for Alia. Do you watch it? Yes. For the point it makes. For Alia, who sparkles as a no nonsense, all business beauty. For Varun, who makes all the effort come together in the end. Let’s not underrate the boy. He can do it all, be gritty, act fabulously, be his character and all of it while dancing like a star. May be there is already a superstar here. 

We rate the film a 65% on the Pinkvilla Movie Meter. 
A 100% on the Pinkvilla Movie Meter is equivalent to 5 Stars on the 5-Star Rating Scale

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