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Here is a detailed movie review of Sonakshi Sinha starrer Noor.



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That’s the problem with half-done jobs, with films that don’t compel you to have an opinion about them. Colloquially, we call them time-pass. But is that what Noor is? Sunhil Sippy fleshes out a semi-moving story, adapting Saba Imtiaz’s Karachi, You’re Killing Me!, moving the motion to Mumbai. At the heart of the drama is Sonakshi Sinha as Noor – as unsure as each of us, frustrated at work, has her eyes for the charms of an older man and believes she can spark off a revolution. Ummm, yes the last part doesn’t add up. It doesn’t do in the film either. 

The major plus of Noor is that it is relatable. Even so more for entertainment journalists, vying to move beyond puff and glossies and do something worth being lauded. So every time, Sona sinks into a decadent dessert or shies away from the weighing scale or gulps down her beer in one go, you know that she is one of us. The contradictions and vulnerabilities intact. As far as the story remains in its candyfloss zone, it thrives. The well-intentioned commentary on organ trading triggered by a housemaid seemed just as unconvincing. 

God bless the film’s casting agents in that case who help find pivot in the unlikeliest and yet strong actors. The unanimous favorite here would be Smita Tambe as Noor’s house help. Kanan Gill and Purab Kohli are beautifully cast as her best friend and boyfriend. But mostly, it’s Sona who is the star of the show, owning every bone of Noor with aplomb. Her professional dilemmas and her personal squabbles feel palpable. 

But Mr. Sippy, may we ask why was an irrelevant London holiday in place? To showcase her discontentment? Well, Noor wears it on her sleeve. In the second hour, the curse of the bad half strikes. The film wears thin and becomes excruciatingly unbearable. But Sona holds your gaze, with her dorkiness and intensity alike.

Sippy sells the unconvincing tale peppered with surprising wit and cheekiness. The humor is subtle and though the film is overwritten and is overtly verbose, the lingo and breeziness work. What fails is the film’s ineptitude of dealing with the job and its dynamics of the job? One interview and here’s a massive story ready to go in print. Even when it does go in print, the concern is never that a lawsuit is slapped on her. It’s the credit of the story which Noor might lose. 

While a few pertinent points are made but besides that, Noor never leaves the comfort of being bubblegum. As bubblegum, it works on television. Otherwise, it is strictly for Sonakshi FANS. Something says, after the recent choices she has made, a plethora of better ones await.

We rate the film a 55% on the Pinkvilla movie meter.

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