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Here is a review of the Hollywood flick xXx Return of Xander Cage featuring Vin Diesel and Deepika Padukone.



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Pack in more stunts and swag than words – is probably the only instruction DJ Caruso gave his crew before they commenced shooting. For an action junkie, this film is a trip to Disneyland. Mince, chop, kick, punch whilst the narrative plays on. With a horde of bombastic gadgets and cool technology, this film is any teenager’s wet action dream. 

Xander Cage is brought back for an important mission to save the world. His army of able men and a woman save him from the wrath of the baddies which includes hamari Deepika too. It is refreshing to see that unlike Peecee, who goes shudddh Amriki with Kwanicau, DP carries off her desi diction comfortably. She speaks considerably differently from everyone else and yet, manages to hold her own, in terms of both the character and the twang. She plays Serena, a mystery girl pitted against the infallible Cage. She matches his gusto and spirit, the action chops are on the same lines; she in her boisterous best, matches his fiery fierce quality. Vin and Deepika have a natural chemistry worth a million bucks. 

Unfortunately, the flat story has little meat to support the abundant swag supply here. Each actor brings to the table a unique crackling quality. Besides Deepika who woos dressed is shiny leather, looking like a dream with curious eyes, Ruby Rose on the other hand, is more confident and deadly, with a scorching screen presence. Together they are a deadly duo, especially in one of the final scenes where they each other’s back in a gun fight, both shooting incessantly killing baddies. This, we realize, wears off Deepika’s good girl image which she acquired right after Piku. She is no ordinary girl, she is kickass. In another scene, with Vin, she says that she is a lion not made for a cage. It could pretty well define the present point in her career, where she has consciously stepped out of her comfort zone to invest in some some fine stuff. 

What is a let down here? The story. What story? Well, there is no excuse for not having a sturdy script to back all of that supremely satiating stunts. It almost seems like the gang gathered on sets and decided that very day what they feel like doing. There are logic holes, no real pressure to act. Caruso gives us brief intros to everyone but nothing strikingly memorable. He makes up for the void by making Vin cruise around in a long (erm thrilling too) sequence on a skateboard to get the whole town to watch a soccer match. In places, the story gets so-simplistic-that-it-is ridiculous. At others, it reminds you one of Bollywood’s harebrained actioners that are made only for the sake of quick bucks.

But in the end, watching it for Deepika is worth it. Besides wondering in sheer amusement about the awkward model Shah Rukh Khan launched in 2007, it is satisfying to see her matching brawn with Vin. It’s a feat really? Well, reaching out to a larger audience always is a gamble but worth the risk. In her case, it is a win-win. Vin wouldn’t have it any other way.

P.S : Hold your breath for the cute kissing scene. 

We rate it a 50% on the Pinkvilla Movie Meter..

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