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Here is a detailed movie review of Baahubali2: The Conclusion.



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The first reaction after watching SS Rajamouli’s magnum opus Baahubali 2 is – “Thank God. The CAT IS OUT OF THE BAG. FINALLY!” So yes, I know why Katappa killed Baahubali. Now that’s a major problem with films that pivot itself on a million-dollar question. With the given hype around it, any answer would’ve felt underwhelming. To his credit, Rajamouli keeps the narrative peppered with intriguing twists and breathtaking turns. The film cuts between flashbacks and today to tell the story of Baahubali and his epic love story. Frankly, the film wastes too much time in exploring the romance of these characters. What was interesting to note, however, is how well rounded the character of Devsena is sketched. She is a ferocious woman, matching the growling Baahubali with the same fervor as his. She is defiant and pliant in same measures and loves with abandon. Spooning details out of the love episode is enticing but no one paid a thousand bucks to watch the romance that Romedy Now makes available a click away. 

That precisely is where the problem with the film. Despite a well-rounded script by KV Vijayendra Prasad, the execution falters. There is all the staple ingredients of greed, envy and wrath wrapped in a lucid narrative. But the screenplay harps on the grandiose more than the substance. Technically fine, the film intertwines multiple themes. Eventually, the lion share of good work lies with the actors Prabhas and Rana Daggubati both in top form along with Sathyaraj. Prabhas is every inch fabulous as the dual roles, shifting smoothly between his two parts. Rana is deliciously evil putting to shame the self rself-righteousin such films. Anushka Shetty is in top form, matching the energy with fine prowess. The drama is heightened but feels palpable. You can’t fault the vision and the finesse of the film. 

You don’t know how to review a film without giving out spoilers but it is this one of those films where a review is just irrelevant. It is an experience, a grander one than the last film. The film’s editing is faulty, making it a groan of a watch towards the second half. A stricter approach on the editing table could’ve made it crisper. But do we really need to nitpick with legendary stuff? Some things are just great the way they are. 

Bahubali might well be a red letter moment for movie buffs in this country where a indigenous film is able to enthuse a mammoth of a reaction like this. For years we have been blabbering about content being king over the superstars Khans and Kapoors alike, but here is a film, which with regular actors who have grown to be monumental by the sheer credit of what they brought to the table. Give it up for Rajamouli for what he has managed to whip up. As for the film, it is a decadent watch that must be savored. We don’t see a reason to not watch it. There is nothing like a homegrown spectacle.

We rate the film a 75% on the Pinkvilla movie meter.

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