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Checkout our detailed review for Irrfan Khan-Saba Qamar starrer Hindi Medium.



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To ask if there’s anything Irrfan Khan can’t do will be a rhetorical query. After Hindi Medium, the world will be convinced that there, after all, isn’t anything that the greatest Khan of this time, can’t do. And whoever found Saba Qamar, take a bow! It’s rather unfortunate that due to political myopia, we won’t get to see enough of her in our movies. What is the yardstick of cool in this country? Well, it has to be angrezi. It is a pertinent problem. If you enjoy Hindi film songs, say a Pritam over Beyonce or Rihanna, and God forbid, if you don’t know Coldplay lyrics by heart, you aren’t fit to be sitting in a plush nightclub. Those of you who can relate to this, Hindi Medium strikes a chord, oh-so-deep.

In what’s probably one of recent times’ most crisply written script, it was admirable that the laughs weren’t all LOLs. The subtlety of the humour works well and Irrfan along with Saba bring it beautifully on screen. Irrfan plays Raj who has a buzzing business in the heart of Chandni Chowk. He sells first copies of designer wear. As the dialogue promos tell us, his voti – Mithu, who insists on being rechristened to Honey, wants to amp up their lifestyle. They move out of the incorrigibly Punjabi neighbourhood to a GK-Def Col seeming area. All to get their daughter admitted into a fancy English medium school. Walking the tightrope between what they are and what they want to portray themselves as, the couple and their kid battle an acute identity crisis. It’s mithu’s perennial fear that her daughter will start taking drugs! Alas. After being rejected by a bunch of schools, they figure that applying via gareeb quota – by posing as lower class people might just get their daughter an admission in an esteemed school. Shyam Prakash played perfectly by Deepak Dobriyal, teaches them the tropes from killing malaria mosquitos to battling rats.  

The winsome work here is primarily of Saket Chaudhry who overcomes all side effects to give us a genuinely funny film which never loses sight of being relevant. He gets the fabric of the story right, imbuing it with the right texture and tone. Hindi Medium is an easy watch, with spunky dialogues that keep you beaming all through. But like every good film that Saket has made, he falls prey to the curse of the second hour. The humour starts to dry in the later half, the fun of the movie evaporates absurdly. There is sappiness and not exactly what we signed up for. What Saket, however, manages well is driving home the point of our lopsided education system. Is it as well as Raju Hirani in 3 Idiots? Comes close in terms of the impact.

At the heart of this wonderful little film is a man who knows how to create magic with simplicity. Irrfan is A-rate as a man who knows no pretensions, comfortable in his skin but will do what his dominating biwi asks him to. Saba is a find; she layers her dramatic character with all shades of over the top and is phenomenal at it. And mostly, Amrita Singh plays a conniving headmistress with finesse.  

We rate the film a 70% on the Pinkvilla movie meter.

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