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Half Girlfriend movie review: The major problem in the film is that both Arjun Kapoor and Shraddha Kapoor have no chemistry.



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For a long time to come, Half Girlfriend will top the worst film list in public memory. Is it that bad? It’s worse than one can imagine. It’s by far the only film in a long long time that stars two half-decent actors, helmed by a semi-good director and yet, it’s tough to make any sense of it. Incoherence is an understatement to describe the prominent emotion while watching this film. So two people from disparate classes – Madhav and Riya – meet in the plush fields of St. Stephen’s College. She is uber rich, basketball enthusiast who likes to leave behind the woes of her abusive father and spineless mother by sinking deep in music. He is a small time Raja (King) who is in the Big D to study Sociology, a course Stephen’s has never opened its gates to (debatably so). They meet, fall in love and then she flees. Naturally, when you come from a family of dysfunctional people, your natural reaction to any intense emotion would be that. But director Mohit Suri dramatizes it with aansu and ronadhona. There are shaadis and divorces and Bill Gates. 

Okay, we have to sheepishly admit Bill Gates was the best thing about the film. Laugh your head off to see Bill Gates’ face stuck on the face of a regular man. And that scene goes on longer than it should have, camera cutting across an ever dependable Arjun Kapoor and a resplendent Shraddha Kapoor but your focus will be on half of Bill Gates’ face popping out of the screen. 

The major problem here is that Arjun and Shraddha have absolutely no chemistry. It’s quite unlike a Mohit Suri film that rides on chemistry, if you take into account all his recent works. Even the adhuri love story of Vidya Balan and Emraan Hashmi had more meat than this inane tale. It is hard to figure why would anyone with half an inch of brain invest in this novel by Bhagat. Being a fan of Two States, I can safely say that this doesn’t do justice to his ‘caliber’ (now don’t troll us for that). What is half girlfriend? A juvenile, semi shallow way of saying let’s remain friends with benefits but I will marry the rich, settled dude when asked. Exactly what Riya does. 

However, somehow cupid brings them together. There are a bunch of lame romantic scenes. Madhav’s judgemental mother does a full blown Hindi film drama dialogue of Riya and asks her to stay away from her son. Mohit’s love for Devdas comes in quickly as he turns Arjun into Aashiqui’s Aditya Roya Kapur. There is a considerable amount of liquor, running around in the streets of New York looking for the love of his life. There is a rebound frisson he has with a friend (Rhea Chakroborty) and she is the character we feel worst for. Stuck with an assh**e in a frickin’ sociopathic relationship, she gets a raw deal.

Well, there are no half ways in life. And thus, this audaciously dumb film must be rated. We settle for a generous 20%. Arjun-Shraddha, you have scarred us. Hope redemption is around the corner. 

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