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In parts, Mubarakan is outright laugh-out-loud. There are some genuinely stupid, yet fun moments.

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Let’s just say it out aloud. And with no offense to Arjun Kapoor, who is present twice more than the other actors in this ensemble, that this film is an Anil Kapoor show. For the first time in a while, we got a glimpse of what Ranveer Singh would be in his 60s. Guys, he will be Anil Kapoor, only shriek-ier. Just Senior Kapoor’s energy manages to bail out an entire film which could’ve been at best mediocre. There’s an infectious charm and inimitable energy to him, that looks affable and goofy at the same time. Anees Bazmee knew the merit of his material all along and thus, his casting for the film’s pivotal character is top notch. Just by himself, Anil is a hoot to watch. He is clearly having a blast whilst doing the mindless stuff he is getting to do. With a dozen of films with Bazmee, Anil knows the space through and through, thus, never hitting a single false note. 

But that’s just one man in a film with too many non-actors. There’s Athiya Shetty, who clearly needs a trip to acting school. She is so damn sincere but the efforts never show which breaks our hearts. There’s Neha Sharma, who is still around despite gasping for breath in the sob fest Tum Bin 2. There’s Ileana D’Cruz who manages to salvage a lot with her confidence. As in a typical Bazmee model of movies, there are umpteen gags, silly one-liners and this time, a few really chauvinistic statements, with a heavy dose of racist Sardar jokes. In a touchy country like India, where everything offends people, somehow these jokes have lived on since times immemorial. 

A lot of the film stands on Arjun’s shoulders who is effervescent as Karan, as Charan, he fumbles, simply because he is hardly that guy. He is endearing in his portrayals but falls a notch short of expectations. Double roles are difficult to pull off and despite a spirited attempt, he is just about adequate missing the streak of brilliance one would expect from him. Supporting him enough are Anil and Pavan Malhotra, who are both impressively loud and reign the frame with their command over their character and the film’s tone. 

To give everyone an idea of the simplistically ‘complicated’ plot – the mild Charan and the boisterous Karan gets their lives intertwined when fate decides on swapping their partners. Charan is in love with Binkle (Athiya) but she is engaged to Karan. Karan has a girlfriend, waiting to be proposed to and a new love interest Sweety (Ileana) who is engaged to Charan. Enter Kartar Singh (Anil Kapoor) who only adds more confusion to this mad mess. 

In parts, it is outright laugh-out-loud. There are some genuinely stupid, yet fun moments, like good old school family comedies used to be.  But Bazmee dishes out with a judicious dollop of ronadhona, which diluted the effect considerably. And still, Mubarakan is worth a watch. It’s one of those songs and dance, sometimes annoying, but largely a fun film which has become such a rarity in Bollywood. At the risk of sounding highly prudish, it’s nice to watch humorous films once in a while, which doesn’t have one of those outrageous big-boob jokes ala Masti series.

P.S: What is Ratna Pathak Shah doing in this movie? WHY?

We rate it a 55% on the Pinkvilla movie meter.

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