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You need to watch Jab Harry Met Sejal for Shah Rukh Khan. The man still knows how to get ladies swooning.

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Jab Harry Met Sejal should come with a disclaimer – Anyone with low threshold for mush, stay away. And this isn’t a regular Imtiaz Ali film either. It’s commercial and thus, there are stretched gags, banal sequences and overacting from the supporting cast. But, this one is for the romantics, for those who are looking for real all-consuming love. Only they’ll get why there couldn’t have been anyone better than Shah Rukh Khan to play Harender Nehra. And as surprising as it sounds, there couldn’t have been a better fit than Anushka Sharma for Sejal. Let’s put it out right at the first go, SRK can romance anything and makes you go all-dreamy eyed about it. And here there is Anushka, matching his wit with her brazenness and his raw, melt-in-your-arms gaze with her assured look. At 51, or whatever his age is, SRK looks his magnetic best. He is more charming than ever before and just makes you realise how much we’d all missed this romantic side of his. It was almost like taking a trip back to Kuch Kuch Hota Hai days. 

Going by an Imtiaz Ali design, this story is weak on plot. There is little soul searching even though the film screeches about it. But it’s selling point is the leading man and his chemistry with the lady. At one point, SRK’s Harry prompts Anushka’s Sejal to say, “Haye, ye sab ki training mere fiancé ko de do…” A bunch of voices in the audience echoes that sentiment. It’s hard to replicate the intensity Khan brings to this character, which elevates the mediocre material he is bringing alive on screen. To be frank, it is a little silly to have a girl going around the world to find her engagement ring. But that’s how Ali plotted it to be. 

As the duo begin their journey as two bickering kids, he a loudmouth, self-confessed womanizer and she is snooty, overconfident brat, they find what they are really looking for. In his heart, Harry is a lonely man, dreaming of the bylanes in his pind even as he walks down cobbled roads in Amsterdam. And she is looking for a comfortable queen sized bed and a man who is as wild as her. There is never a discussion over their social disparity, she a diamond merchant though she keeps mentioning that she isn’t the kind of girl who can run away with the tour guide. 

There are a few stellar sequences in the movie, where eyes do more talking than the dialogues. A jazz performance that Sejal fakes to be boring her (reminiscent of Dil Chahta Hai opera scene), while she tears up quietly in Harry’s arms is heartbreaking. And so is the one right after where Harry screams into the sea calling for Sejal, saying how much he’ll miss her. It’s almost refreshing to see Khan as the man who can’t handle his libido, proudly wearing the badge of his womanizing tendencies. Thankfully the mush and the music blend in together to pull through the film’s fidgety parts. The film’s best songs aren’t even out and they say a lot more about the plot and its crux than the dialogues do. Irshad Kamil, Pritam and Arijit Singh have as much a share in this glory as the writers. 

However, you need to watch this for Shah Rukh. The man still knows how to get ladies swooning and there’s no one in this country who can do it as well as him. Over the years, his fans have grown up, the world has changed enough to shake up our faith in love. In such a time, comes an Imtiaz film which gives you the hope that what you are seeking will find a way to you. There’ll be a spirited Sejal (which is one helluva performance by Anushka) telling you sometimes an adventure can unlock a side of you, you never know. And then there’s SRK, who assures you of old school love – find the one whose hug gives you peace, the woman whose beauty supersedes the sex appeal of everyone else you’ve ever bumped into. 

For that, you are likely to excuse a bunch of terrible jokes and some overripe sequences. After all, this generation is made up of broken hearts, souls drowning looking for that breath of fresh air, for the one who can save you. 

WE are going with a judicious 70% on the Pinkvilla Movie Meter. We say, let’s give love a chance. 

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