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Sachin Tendulkar’s biopic Sachin: A Billion Dreams is here to spread smiles across our face.



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There is no objective way of watching a film which is made on the life of Sachin Tendulkar. His journey of 25 years sprawled on the big screen can at best be a reflection of the nation’s collective consciousness. He is a sublime feeling that unites people, cutting across age, class and creed, intertwining it with a deep rooted feeling of patriotism and love for the nation. This docu-drama comes close to what the feeling is for the country. Probably it’s because Sachin’s story is said in his words and it isn’t an interpretation of what the world has to say. The flip side to this is that it’s a one-sided story but depending on how much you admire the man’s journey, you’ll savor the film. At its core, it’s a story of dedication, relentless perseverance and hardwork. In the dusty fields of Dadar’s Shivaji Park, a natural talent was honed to be a legend. His rewards were vada pavs and every time he won a game, he never earned a praise from his coach, lest he gets complacent. His journey is beautifully told and though there is absolutely nothing that we don’t know, it’s always worth watching legendary stories unfold on screen. There is prevalent euphoric feeling all through the film. Carry enough tissues to dab off the tears of joy – his Sharjah win, the 200 runs, there’s way too much to celebrate in this movie. And despite that Sachin takes the liberty of touching upon the risky topics as well. The match fixing fiasco and its impact has been beautifully told from another point of view. His relationship with Md Azharuddin finds a strong mention in the story much to our surprise. The very fact that Sachin no longer plays is an added bonus for him and allows him to scoop out the dirt from the past. This is an advantage which Neeraj Pandey director of MS Dhoni: An Untold Story never had.

Sachin’s colleagues bring forth in their voices about the man in the dressing room, the one who wouldn’t let Sehwag pee because he is superstitious about the match. His wife Anjali comes across as his support system, the woman behind the magic of Tendulkar. As he impressed the world, she took care of everything he wasn’t available for, his family, the kids et al. There is a scene describing the death of Sachin’s father in his own voice that broke our heart. And still, the man went back to play a match and hit a ton. The sly humor comes from bowlers like Shane Warne and Wasim Akram to describe how he intimidated them. It is evident that in a country that breathes, eats and loves the sport, this boy is a manifestation of the quintessential middle-class Indian dream. The movie counterpart of this is the story and struggle of Shah Rukh Khan. But well, like it’s popularly believed, between Bollywood and cricket India will choose the latter. 

We know many for whom the sport meant this man, who stopped watching the game after he retired. Because good players are created, great teams are made but Sachin is a lingering feeling that makes everyone who has watched this sport, feel giddy in their gut. This is not just a film, it’s the celebration of a man who means the world to India. 

Fairly speaking, there shouldn’t be a rating. Let’s just say, Pinkvilla doffs its hat to Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar, a tiny man who towered over all in the world of cricket.

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