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Priyanka Chopra is friggin awesome in every frame. But Baywatch does not do justice to her Hollywood debut.



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The best scene in Baywatch is the one in which Pamela Anderson appears and man, she just makes the point – that’s how it’s done. You wish the original Baywatch star had made an appearance earlier on in the film or at least offered some tutorials to the kids. As expected, Baywatch is juvenile, fairly funny but is absolutely devoid of the fun that it promises. With a paper-thin plot line, the film is a snooze fest peppered with silly one-liners, suggestive innuendos et Al. And there’s a problem watching such films in the sankskari desh we live in. Because Ranveer Singh going butt naked is allowed but well, blurred asses are what we see in Baywatch. The men have enough to enjoy if all they are looking at is slow mo runs and women in monokinis, flashing the best angle of their cleavage. That’s the best thing about the film besides Dwayne Johnson who pivots it like a Rock with some help from Zac Efron. Priyanka Chopra has dished out a small role but you know what good actors do to little parts right? She looks like a million bucks as the baddie wreaking havoc and her parting line is a hoot. She is friggin awesome in every frame. But the film does not do justice to her Hollywood debut. She deserved a better plot, a better movie.

The major problem with the movie is its shabby editing where the main plot line and the parallel dramatic story never merges. Priyanka’s character Victoria Leeds is made to look like social bigwig near the Bay but her interest is in drug dealing and real estate. The Baywatch guys are the good ones trying to save the bay from her selfish interests. Individually, the actors shine. Especially The Rock who is effortless in his part, owning every streak with confidence, imbuing the story with charm and sass. Zac is adequate. He is obviously better than the forgetful women around him but well, isn’t he better than that. There’s a long gag about him calling Zac by wrong names – Hey you high school musical – cracked me up the most. Their banter works in rendering the smoothness to the story. But the fun disappears soon enough and turns into an investigative drama. There are moral values creeping in. Lines like you don’t bay watch, you are Baywatch suck the fun out of it.

Eventually, in the second half of the film, the banter feels repetitive, the camaraderie lack spunk, the aerial shots of the beach looks spectacular but doesn’t have much of an effect. Which is when the actors start struggling. Priyanka’s meaning five-minute appearance in the climax is all she has to win the game. You wish there was more of her sinister brooding rage and her equation with Rock developed more but well, the writers underestimate the angle and allows her part to play out in a dull straight tone. It would have been a clever breather in the slo-mo film that unravels predictably, at an excruciating pace.

Banking on nostalgia is a bad idea anymore. Go watch the 25-year-old show for the right effect or if you decide to make it to this Summer treat, make sure your expectations are rock bottom. Look for runs, abs, boobs and beaches and you’ll survive.

We rate it a 40% in the Pinkvilla Movie Meter.

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