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You’d expect Sidharth Malhotra and Jacqueline Fernandez’s A Gentleman to have some of its charm, but alas, it’s an inane film.

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Remember walking out of Go Goa Gone, pleasantly surprised by the unexpectedly funny with zany dialogues and some cool music? You’d expect A Gentleman to have some of its charm but alas, it’s an inane film. If Baar Baar Dekho hadn’t proved enough that good looking actors and a good looking film could prove to be soul-less, this film is just a reiteration of it. 
There are beautiful Dostana-ish shots of Miami beach, Sidharth Malhotra and Jacqueline Fernandez share some smokin’ hot chemistry (even better than him and Alia, if you ask) but what do you do of all the beauty that’s meant only to be gazed at and nothing to devour. Probably action, but how much of slick fun punches and kicks can you enjoy? It’s Raj and DK’s plot that fails the film. For starters, it seemed to us like Duplicate revamped in the trailers. And then, the movie has a surprising twist (d’ah).
If the paper thin plot isn’t clear to you already, let’s lay it out for you. Sidharth plays an assassin who craves for a life away from the killing and crime. But how do you escape a life of such risqué and settle so easily for a 9 to 5 job. There are criminals, ready to slay you the minute they spot you. And then for some reason, Raj and DK want to make us believe that James Bond has an Indian cousin in the leading man of this film, completely missing the personality which makes him Double ‘O’ 7. It’s usually not a good sign either when in the middle of a pivotal action scene, you catch yourself admiring the color of the sofa instead of the top notch action. 
And much to my surprise, everyone around was more distracted by the décor of the film. Neither is it good news that the squeaky actress needs classes in being a lot less shrill and a director who could use her limited acting to better advantage in the film. Her shrill voice will be resounding all day and blame the makers for not warning her with ‘decibel down’ enough. 
My problem was mainly with the utter lack of logic in this movie. The unit for which Sidharth’s character works has a sketchy criminal past which is never made clear in the film. Assuming, it was mindless killing, Suniel Shetty, in hindsight, appears to be nothing more than a vampy mother-in-law who can’t allow her bahu to be free. 
At least, the tone of the film is nothing better. As the group head of the sinister gang, he mouths inane and jaded dialogues in the history. Of all his bad performances, this has to be the most flaky of them. And hell, now that he looks such a dapper in his pepper-and-salt hair, it’s such a sheer waste of him in this dud of movie. Here’s a giveaway – they are all running after a hard disk which is said to be very important to the gang. But that’s all we know, even after the film has ended. Not like we’ve been given any reason to care either. 
The lethal combo of a deadpan faced actor, his loud and very loud actress, a few cartoonish villains, some soul-less brilliant action – this witless actioner has all the ingredients that will kill you, literally, with boredom. Bang Bang 2? More like bang your head somewhere!
We rate the film a 40% on the Pinkvilla Movie meter. 


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