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Bank Chor makes terrible sound like a mellow word.

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Four years ago, this was the film Kapil Sharma was going to make his debut with. And here we are, watching this school play put together by Junior kg and calling it a movie. Do you dare ask how bad is the film? It makes terrible sound like a mellow word. Of course, Bumpy whose name has lesser bumps than the film itself possibly has the brains of a teenager. Which is what explains the jokes. While Netflix puts together a show about satire and comedy that makes a point, it deepens the sense of dissatisfaction with the movie. Why waste money and invest the energy in moving out of the confines of your home to watch a film! The low-IQ humor is what the film prides in. But then again, evidently that’s what it’s pitched as. If you have guts, give it a try.

On the brighter side, there is Vivek Oberoi doing the Dabangg act perfected by his erstwhile nemesis Salman Khan on screen. Spoof or laughing at life? Well, who could tell? And then there’s the ever-dependable Riteish Deshmukh who effortlessly does a good job of playing stupid. That’s what the film asks of him and maybe the pay cheques are sometimes worth it. Which brings us to Rhea Chakraborty, in her second crappy movie this year after Half Girlfriend. Frankly, you don’t know what makes this one pursue acting. Look pretty, spread joy girl.

A banking robbery gone wrong would be a perfect joke on Aankhen (high time someone cracked that one) but Bumpy makes a logic-less feature which is devoid of laughs. Of course, that’s assuming that you can tell a bad joke from a good one. Don’t miss a stellar performance by Baba Sehgal, who for some reason is present in the film. Why you ask? I guess Twitter was getting way too boring for him.

Which brings you to a fundamental question – why would the stable produce this? Mr. Chopra, if there’s such money at your disposal, I suggest you do some charity. Making movies just because you have enough to throw away is a bad idea. I am sure the production house knew what they were getting into and yet something didn’t stop them. Take the advice seriously and ensure you don’t get over adventurous and buy a ticket. The medical stores will be run short of aspirin to supply.

We rate the film a 10% on the Pinkvilla Movie Meter.

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