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Shubh Mangal Saavdhan is easily one of the most affable films of this arid year.

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Let’s start by saying that Shubh Mangal Saavdhan is easily one of the most affable films of this arid year. Not that the trailer didn’t give enough hints for it, but then these days, trailers are seldom indicative of a well-rounded finished product. It’s amusing how in less than two weeks, Ayushmann Khurrana comes up with two bombastic performances. For us, SMS wins! The venture clearly has more heart to it though, in flavor, it replicates Bairelly Ki Barfi. The same small town charm is beautifully redone but the winner here is director R Prasanna’s narrative and quirky storytelling. A certain gents’ problem and what it does to the love story of a couple is beautifully done. Yes, they are talking about erectile dysfunction but there’s hardly any mention of it in those many words. Instead, it just lays ground to discuss ever so related subjects – how important is sex in marriage, why is a man’s mardaangi so interlinked with his ability to copulate and more so is the lack of sex a deal breaker? Prasanna boldly takes on each question at a time, never making the subject titillating, handling the mammoth subject with the needed sensitivity and using the cloak of humor to even out most of the awkwardness.

The highlight scene is indeed the first make out sequence between the lead pair Ayushmann Khurrana and Bhumi Pednekar. Your heart goes out to Mudit, played by the former as his situation evokes more sympathy than laughs. It is entirely the triumph of Khurrana, who plays Mudit with flair. The actor walks on a tightrope to make the character relatable and the problem humane. Of course, being backed by a fantastic script helps him truckloads. And his inherent ability to get into the skin of his characters is just a cherry on top. But none of what he and the story accomplishes is possible without the strong support system that Bhumi provides. She anchors the film with her rock solid acting skills and it’s her infectious chemistry with Ayushmann which lends soul to the story.

The movie thrives mainly because of its moments. Bhumi’s conversation with the onscreen mother (played perfectly by Seema Pahwa) is comical. As we draw life lessons from Alibaba’s story of 40 thieves, the ladies also imply what’s the primary problem in this country – lack of sex education. There’s talk of birds and bees, and one can endlessly beat around the bush as they discuss sex lives but this culture, by no means, can allow an open discussion on sex. Even as the haw-haw shame-shame undertones play out, Prasanna finds humor in placing an embarrassed Mudit as the center of it all, as relatives bicker about his ‘situation’ openly.

But what fails us is its underwhelming finale. For as much build up that it creates, the film has a dud of an ending. the melodrama doesn’t match the rest of the film, which is almost glaring. You are bound to feel betrayed. But give this one a shot, nonetheless. There’s so much to like about it that you wouldn’t care to spend a few bucks and have a good laugh. As for Prasanna, it’s safe to say – Welcome to the mad world of Hindi movies. You are going to love it!

We rate the film a 70% on the Pinkvilla Movie Meter.

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