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Here’s a quick review of Kangana Ranaut’s Simran.

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Hansal Mehta’s Simran is all set for a theatrical release this Friday and it stars Kangana Ranaut. Ever since the trailer and teasers came out, there has been immense curiosity for the film. Ranaut plays the character of a Gujarati NRI in Simran and it is the simplicity of the character that is making the fans eagerly wait for the film that releases tomorrow. In the trailer, Kangana is a free-spirited person who doesn’t believe in any sort of chains of the society and is seen asking for liberation from the set norms of the society. It will be interesting to see how Kangana will pull off this character of Simran on screen. 

There’s no denying that Kangana is a talented actor and has given us hit films like Tanu Weds Manu 2, Queen and Tanu Weds Manu. Tomorrow, finally Simran will be out for all the fans to see how Ranaut has performed in the film. Kangana has been in headlines for all the controversies – Will that help create a buzz for the film at the box office? It will be something to watch out for. But, we have got a chance to watch the film before its release. 

The Pinkvilla film critic is currently watching Kangana Ranaut’s Simran and here’s the quick review of the film: 

Even with a flawed personality, Kangana Ranaut plays the reckless Praful Patel with immense conviction. From the first scene onwards, you are drawn to her – she is relatable, adorable and is immensely likeable. No matter what goes against her in life, she makes up for it in her optimism. The film’s first half stretches between easy-breezy and soulful, all in the same vein. The actress is a delight to watch as she tracks the highs and lows of Praful Patel, an ordinary girl with simple dreams sucked into the world of crime. A trip to Las Vegas and a game of gamble turns her into an addict. Money lenders trick her and the girl falls into the murky trap easily. With no family support to help her monetarily, she turns to theft. In all of this, Kangana shines. Till intermission, you are compelled to watch her bitter-sweet story and her misadventures with a keen interest. But the drama has the risk of losing steam if Hansal doesn’t keep the narrative as tight in the second half. There are multiple facets to explore – Praful’s romance with a desi suitor, her tumultuous equation with her father and mostly the suspense of how she handles the money lenders. Will the grey heroine steal our hearts away? 

This is the first impression of the film.

For the full movie review of Simran, click here.

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