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The first half of Manmarziyaan shows the constant battle for Taapsee Pannu’s character Rumi to choose between her first love Vicky (Vicky Kaushal) or the potential life partner Robbie (Abhishek Bachchan).

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It’s hard to believe that Anurag Kashyap would direct a pureblood romantic movie, but Manmarziyaan has all the Kashyap flavours in it which sets it apart from the mundane love stories we are used to watching. With Kanika Dhillon’s crisp and realistic storyline about rebels in love, Manmarziyaan poses the question of what after? Being young in love has its pros but what happens when you reach the point of settling down? These questions are tackled in the first half of the film. Taapsee Pannu plays the titular character Rumi who is madly in ‘Fyaar’ with the maniacal DJ Vicky (Vicky Kaushal). However, Vicky’s lack of ambition proves damper to the couple when the topic of marriage pops up. Enter the knight in shining armour Robbie (Abhishek Bachchan) a banker, who is everything Vicky is not.

The first half shows the constant battle for Rumi to choose between the two prospects – her first love Vicky or the potential life partner Robbie. Taapsee starts off with a few glitches but slowly gets into the intricacies of the confused Rumi and gives us a relatable character. Vicky plays the lovable blue-haired wannabe rockstar with ease and steals the show in the first half with his larger than life personality. Abhishek Bachchan makes his highly awaited comeback and shows us why we have missed him so much. In the first half, Abhishek has only a few scenes but his restrained performance is the perfect balance for the colourful personalities of Taapsee and Vicky. 




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Moment when u see a shot of yourself n say “yeh kya haga hai maine” contrary to what your director feels – “isse behtar tumse naa ho payega “ P.S – the “full gas” co actor is just busy admiring his camera work in this one Please ab jaldi release kardo y is there 6 more days to go !!! #Manmarziyaan : @khamkhaphotoartist

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Possibly the one time this tornado of an actor was calm and still…. @taapsee you were an absolute pleasure to collaborate with. Your crazy energy has translated so beautifully into Rumi. I don’t think anyone would disagree that you were born to play Rumi. The only irreplaceable cast member in the entire film. Thank you for your love, generosity and patience with me. Don’t forget @vickykaushal09 and me during your exceptance speeches. #RoadToManmarziyaan #Manmarziyaan #TakeTwo : @khamkhaphotoartist

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The soundtrack of Manmarziyaan deserves a special mention and though at times, the songs seem to be timed way too quickly and frequently, Amit Trivedi’s music makes up for it. Special kudos to the twin dancers who come at various plot points in the first half. The interval comes at a critical stage of the movie where Rumi makes the predictable choice. But it is her last dialogue that sets the second half in full gear. 

For the second half, we hope to see more of Abhishek and Kanika’s brilliant dialogues interspersed with Trivedi’s mesmerising soundtrack.


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