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Simmba Mid Movie Review: The first half of Rohit Shetty’s film is an entertaining roller coaster ride with Ranveer Singh in the forefront. Sara Ali Khan adds spunk to Ranveer’s craziness.

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Just like Robert Downey Jr. was born to play Iron Man, Ranveer Singh was born to play Simmba. The overexaggerated personality never feels over the top and is hoot-worthy right from his entrance. Rohit Shetty knew how to make use of Ranveer’s talent to his fullest and the deadly combination is a masala entertaining match made in heaven. 

Ranveer Singh plays Sangram Bhalerao aka Simmba, the absolute opposite of Singham, a dirty cop who owns his tharkiness. After he gets shifted from Shivgad to Miramar is where the actual twist starts. It’s the epic one-liners by Farhad Samji that will leave you laughing out loud. Sara Ali Khan plays Shagun, Simmba’s love interest and in spite of a brief role, she adds spunk and is equal to Ranveer’s craziness. 

The first half is an entertaining roller coaster ride with Ranveer in the forefront and proving that he was born to be a leading star. Add the masala of Rohit Shetty and you can expect direct patakhas.

The end 15 mins of the first half take a serious route as we could see in the trailer itself and Ranveer’s versatility to switch from his comedy element to a more dramatic side is a treat to watch as a cinema-goer.

The second half is expected to be packed with a lot of drama, action and revenge and if things go as smoothly as the first half, Ranveer could very well be ending 2018 as a hero and not a zero!

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