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Jawaani Jaaneman Review: The film tries to take a modern, no-judgement based philosophy in an attempt to be perceived ‘cool’. However, in the two-hour screenplay it restores to using several clichés.

Jawaani Jaaneman Movie Review: Saif Ali Khan, Alaya F try to do their best to salvage a weak screenplayJawaani Jaaneman Movie Review: Saif Ali Khan, Alaya F try to do their best to salvage a weak screenplay


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Movie Name: Jawaani Jaaneman

Jawaani Jaaneman Director: Nitin Kakkar

Jawaani Jaaneman Cast: Saif Ali Khan, Alaya Furniturewala, Tabu

Jawaani Jaaneman Stars: 2.5/5

If you can explain the story plot of a film in one sentence, it’s a sign of either the writer had too less to convey or the director had too much to do. Jawaani Jaaneman is, unfortunately, a film that falls in this category. 40-year-old Casanova, Saif Ali Khan, faces paternity as a girl half his age, Alaya F, claims to be his daughter from a forgotten fling in Amsterdam. 

In Jawaani Jaaneman, director Nitin Kakkar uses the Ole Ole 2.0 song right at the beginning to establish Jazz (Saif Ali Khan) as a 40-year-old casanova who lives in London and works as a real estate broker. One day, he meets Tia (Alaya F) at one of the clubs who accidentally spills her drink on him. The next day, they meet again and she tells him that perhaps they have a lot in common. When she casually tells him that she wants to talk to him, he mistakes it as a cue for pick-up and takes her to his home. However, his life turns upside-down when she confesses he has a 33.33% chance of being her father. As they opt for a paternity test, Jazz and Tia learns that Tia is also pregnant, thanks to her commitment-phobic boyfriend. Hereon, the story is about his transformation from a guy who wants to live his life enjoying as a bachelor to someone who not just has to accept paternity but takes the responsibility of a would-be grandfather. 

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The film tries to take a modern, no-judgment based philosophy in an attempt to be perceived ‘cool’. However, in the two-hour screenplay, it restores to using several clichés. It’s like sowing ginger. Writers knew what they had, but were never sure of what shape it would spurt-out. Logic is compromised by the writers at several places. For instance, how does Tia figure where she can find Jazz even though he lives in the UK, is not a famous personality, has not been in touch with her mother or isn’t in the same country. The only solace is that Jawaani Janeman doesn’t depend on heavy, preachy dialogues and perspective, which helps the makers to maintain the entertainment quotient up.

When the trailer of the film released, it raised the expectation of the audience. Saif started his career in the industry playing characters who start off as Casanova but eventually set into the ‘nice and conventional guy’ narrative before the film ends. His comeback character in the industry also had a similar character curve. Despite proving himself as a versatile actor, this is the character band where you can find him at utmost comfort and ease. In Jawaani Jaaneman too, Saif is living as Jazz. He does justice to the role offered. 

Alaya F has indubitably made a good debut. She is refreshing, confident, bubbly, expressive, and handles the emotional scenes with equal commitment. Most actors of her age (and the connection) try to get a launch film that can thrust them into a glam role. However, the choice of role and the acting prowess of Alaya makes this debut count. 

Tabu, who played a mother in Drishyam and Haider, has completely done something different in this film. She plays the gypsy mother of Tia, who establishes her character with one dialogue, stating, ‘I hate phone calls’. The character adds to the entertainment quotient in the film. The downside is that there is no justification why she did a vanishing act once Tia delivers a baby. 

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The supporting cast such as Farida Jalal, Chunky Pandey, Kiku Sharda and Kumud Mishra do their bit but are restricted by weak writing. Kubbra Sait looks pleasant on-screen and handles her part effortlessly. Watch the film if you get easily entertained with one-liners, jokes and a decent acting attempt by the lead characters.

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