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Laxmii Movie Review: Akshay Kumar and Kiara Advani starrer released today. The Bollywood movie is the remake of the Tamil movie Kanchana.

Akshay Kumar's Laxmii Movie ReviewLaxmii Movie Review: Akshay Kumar starrer is a box of defective bombs that ruins the Diwali spirit


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Movie Name: Laxmii

Laxmii Cast: Akshay Kumar, Kiara Advani, Sharad Kelkar

Laxmii Director: Raghava Lawrence

Laxmii Rating: 2 stars

WARNING: Spoilers Ahead

Goddess Lakshmi comes on Diwali but Akshay Kumar‘s Laxmii decided to arrive a tad early. And secretly, I am glad it didn’t ruin my Diwali weekend. Long in the pipeline for its release, Laxmii (previously known as Laxmii Bomb) finally released on the OTT platform this week to kick off the Diwali week. The Bollywood film is the official remake of Tamil movie Kanchana by Raghava Lawrence. The director has helmed the remake as well. Ask those who have watched Kanchana and they would tell you the ball they had watching it for it was packed with horror. Unfortunately, Laxmii doesn’t ignite those emotions. For those who haven’t watched the Tamil movie, here’s a quick rundown of the plot.

Asif (Akshay Kumar) and Rashmi (Kiara Advani) have been married for three years but Rashmi’s family has distanced themselves from her for she married a man from a different religion. However, Rashmi’s mother (Ayesha Raza Mishra) reaches out to the duo after three years inviting them to a family function and with a hope to mend their relationship with Rashmi’s father. The couple takes off to meet Rashmi’s family. However, Asif passes through a cursed piece of land which sets off a series of paranormal activities at Rashmi’s family house. From members noticing a wandering shadow to hearing someone weep and laugh, it turns into a madhouse. 

Following the same formula of the Tamil movie, Rashmi’s mother and sister-in-law (Ashwini Kalsekar) follow a three-part process to determine if the house was possessed. Meanwhile, Asif shows a change in behaviour. From watching him drape a saree at the store to sporting bangles and bathing with Tumeric, family members eventually realise that Asif is possessed. In attempts to free his body, they approach godmen only to learn the real motive behind the bloodthirsty soul possessing Asif to seek revenge. 

Why is Laxmii seeking vengeance? Does she leave Asif’s body? You will have to watch the movie to find out. 

Laxmii starts off on a high note. Raghava channels the fear well in the first few minutes as he establishes the movie. His gripping storytelling takes you the heart of the drama in no time. Using comedy to propel the telling works in his favour. However, once he’s in the middle of it, Raghava suddenly loses the plot. He drives the same street of theatrics repeatedly, losing the viewers’ interest. The mundane and sometimes senseless scenes weigh the film down before it hits the ground. 

Fortunately for Raghava, the supporting cast keeps the film moving. Ayesha Raza Mishra and Ashwini Kalsekar as the mother and daughter-in-law share a crackling bond on the screen. But I wish I could say the same for Kiara and Akshay. The duo seems disconnected on-screen, with Kiara, offered limited chances to showcase her skills. Akshay attempts to slip into the skin of a transgender but doesn’t deliver a flawless portrayal. In the movie, Sharad Kelkar plays the OG Laxmii. The actor delivers a memorable performance. However, Sharad and Akshay’s wavelength of the character doesn’t seem to be on the same page. The two acts feel different from each other, hurdling the flow of the story. 

Laxmii could have done away with a number of elements, especially the songs. While I feel BamBholle pumps life into the climax, the over the top Burj Khalifa and the Apna Time Aayega parody felt unnecessary. There are also scenes where Raghava visits a few iconic horror characters from the west like Pennywise from IT. Although the idea is to ignite fear, it leaves you staring blankly at the screen. 

Bottom Line: Laxmii could have been the perfect bomb for Diwali had it been better paced and reduced by a few minutes. Watch the movie for the different plot (if you haven’t watched Kanchana) and Sharad Kelkar. 

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